Valentine Hangover

I feel my girlfriend had today a valentine hangover, we talked today but it seem it wasnt the best mood. Interesting since the day after we just keep on laughing and joking around. We laugh I guess more than the whole week, it was funny just listening to her laugh after laugh after laugh. I wonder how much does she change from before to after talking to me.

However today it was like a hangover of too much happiness and today we have a mild fight. A lot of shit happened to her but she got cold and didn’t want to talk to until I get to the next level.

Let see how tomorrow goes…

I have been rather slow on reacting just basically slowing down my metabolism until I have something to activate it again. It will be nice and weird getting people in my crib and get my couple, and then take them around the south part of Mexico.

I am a bit afraid since I am not the type of being a tour guide, they will push new edges and plant new experiences about getting beach, sun and jungle.