Well I have to say that I am an official podcast junkie. I consume about 2 or 3 podcast a day, my collection includes from business experts, to visionaries, to sex freaks to linux gurus and everything in between.

The content I am unfolding has become so great that I dont see this mania slowing down. It just keep coming, and the way we can get it has become so ubicuos that I am taking it on the road.

Why do I love this podcast stuff? Well because is interesting, actually very interesting. So much that I am start thinking taking live notes on this blog so it can become my legacy of content.

So what are my main podcasts so far? Here is the list:
– The linux link tech show
– LugRadio
– Software Libre
– Sex is Fun
– Josh in Japan
– Jim Cramer Mad Money
– Security Now
– Diggnation
– Digital Life
– Management-tools
– Killer innovation
– Keith and the Girl
– OOoCast
– IT Conversations

I guess this is the main ones, but I am also open to get new ones 😉