New podcasts on a right time

After discovering Jim Cramer – Mad Money podcast I went on to look for new ones and I think I have just hit 2 winners. One on the branch of innovation and the other in the branch of management. Both provide really great quality podcast, I am sure I will enjoy from now on.

Right now I am in the middle of making a decision whenever I should get in the Fax server space. I came to realize that this is a business venture that I will be forced to deliver, otherwise the project will go down in flames. Is up to me to make it go forward and I think the hard part is done which is getting the venture capital.

However Phil McKinney open my eyes to a rather interesting need and that’s that we don’t have a buyer yet, and I need a buyer in order to assure the technology will deliver. I think this doubt will make me ask how do we get a buyer for a vaporware product?

Another is just throwing money at it and get a pre-builded box and then owning it. This might be a rather less adventurous approach but I think it will have a lower risk.

I will be submitting the question to Phil and see if he can clear things out for me.