Nothing promise tomorrow today

I just finish talking with my girlfriend, she is in bucharest right now. That used to be so great since we always meet in that city. But now I dont live there, in fact I live around the world in Mexico. This is such a hollow feeling, frustration, anger, happines, love jealousy and sadness combine. Whenever I think about her being in the place we used to walk for so long.

So while chatting to her, it was morning for her and late night for me but still the second I saw her all the tireness left me and I was talking with her with such a passion.

While talking she had to pick up the phone and then I just close my eyes and started typing and this is what I type:

every word we say we feel farther away,
every kiss we blow make us realized how much time we haven’t felt our warm lips,
with neverending nights that pass by hugging the pillow
we sink deeper into our thoughts
that we try to rescue before they’re gone.

We get more false and hollow feelings
that our time was just borrowed.
And then we loose it
realized how precious was and missused it,
all this time we take on a farther yesterday,
leave traces using pieces of our heart till we find ourselves,
with ever word we speak we get half of what we really feel,
and as our memories dilude our feeling deepens.
Make us go from lovers to believers.

Writting letters as means to race time,
and making promises to seal a faith
before we went separate ways
she went north and I went west
Feeling each minute we are farther away
every second meant so long away
The room still felt like her in the bed
4 months had passed and the image keep fresh
the way we feel our heart can’t rest
the life we live is as hollow as death
and the happiness we feel is never as real