Hacking Mexico

Comming back to Mexico I start to getting the backlash and counter-cultural-shock usually experienced by people who got used to live as a foreigner. However I also start living the limitations that this country have specially on the buisiness enviroment and the lack of infrastructure and digital culture.

Talking with a friend we started talking about the stagnation of e-business in Mexico and to what degree is Mexico falling behind. One of the things that websites havent really become a business priority is that business online has been none-existent.

At the core of this reasoning lies the stagnation of doing business online in mexico. The lag of a complete automatize way to operate, from money transfers until invoicing and delivery makes the e-business enviroment next to impossible.

Mexico has just launched a digital signature however the context that this digital signature is implemented only work with EDI process and even after this process the SAT (Tax office) needs a paper checkup which means that the process is far from being automated. Not only that but is also more expensive than before making pushing a fee by force and just another layer of bureacracy to do business.

So what is there to do? By living all over the world I became a citizen of the planet, the advantage is that my appreciation to allocate assets in mexico becomes an option I can avoid and the more international, on demand, internet access service, the better it’s for me and for business.

First of is paypal, a highly critizised but far safer than the mexican financial legislation, then is banks such as e-gold which make resiliant to inflation or oil prices. The third layer is the international financial houses in new york.