Roadmap for OD

As the ideas from the meeting with IBM/Novell my brain has started to build an architecture and pre-project to put ODF on the map.

Vertical systems such as OpenVista were mentioned at the ODF discuss list and again the golden word integration ring a bell.

So the question will be how much money will it cost to put the top 10 applications out there make it ODF-Ready. Here are some of the ideas we can get with applications talking to OD.

  • Firefox (Gecko)– making the gecko engine natively read ODF is a great idea since it will put ODF on the net and on the desktop on a transparent form.
  • Apache– having a module that will parse opendocuments and also enhance security and management will make ODF be targeting to be easy for developers to support and deploy.
  • MySQLMySQL database are already pretty integrated since it supports XML, we just need some new frameworks to make the ODF-like schema.
  • Scribus Scribus is already one supporting ODF.
  • GladeThis is really odd but exciting, imagine that your table frames become a prototype of a GTK app. UI created in glade will become documents which mantain the same visuals for both

ODF the world might be a little bizarre to some people and even extreme, but I see ODF vs. the Web as something like Cellphones vs. PC. Who will swallow who, the idea here is that making ODF is far easier than code strict XHTML. Better middleware can ensure that the content is protected, well formed and transferable.

What do we need? Well we need everything, we need coders, more and better XML people that generate better parsers and transformations as well as better architecture of the schema such as the ODFormulas, consistency with SVG, UBL, LegalXML and XHTML.