INGOTs Jump into fast track

I am still in Mexico city and I got not just one but up to 5 different leads on pushing the INGOT certification and making new assesors and academies around Mexico City.

So far I get a free trip to Mexico city and that will make me have the next round of meetings with IBM and will also make me able to start getting some cash.

So far the project will go through some intense discussion however it seems they are already in the bandwagon and the questions have been resolved. I think this will make start having INGOTs certificates.

A challenge and homework will be to start managing the documentation of a contract with INGOTs UK and an apostille contracts will need to be available.

With virtually 6 business agents on INGOTS, we are ready to move on to focus on strategies in Yucatan, Veracruz and Monterrey and start pushing INGOTs on the west coast.

Fortunately I will be having better budget for the research of new entities.