Looking Back

Yesterday I had a very interesting night, I came back from the wedding of my friend where I saw the older version of my generation. We all had our friends and lives yet is odd how some pople are living now and well still somehow everything still remain the same.

Same people same places and sometimes same lifestyles. Not that is bad, this people are having lots of fun, and yeah they are well connected to don’t have many worries. Yet, I wonder how hollow are they and if thats any issue to them.

I would love to see how they see me… Mr International, I have broken the spell and live a lifestyle most people have no idea I would. Basically I have been blessed yet at the end things are still the same and well as I am not the party goer, not really the greatest dancer and animator of the party most people want to do business with me which is refreshing. Respect and security is something that I am grateful to still mantain among my friends.

We all have our lives, we all like development of our skills and show off what we have and hide what we lack, play the game of appearances sometimes despise it and yet at the same time we have a rush about it.

Wonder what will th next year will bring to all my friends, and I wonder if I really wanna be there to see it or not.