In search of VCF

So it has been hard to find people with vcf, vcf means Virtual Card File, they are usually called vCard o vContact, however this is one of the most known standards of the industry. Palm embraced the VCF format and pump the end user desire to use vcf as a virtual business card.

Acording to wikipedia:

vCard is a file format standard for personal data interchange, specifically electronic business cards.
The vCard or Versitcard was originally proposed in 1995 by the Versit consortium, which consisted of Apple Computer, AT&T (later Lucent), IBM and Siemens. In December 1996 ownership of the format was handed over to the Internet Mail Consortium, a trade association for companies with an interest in Internet e-mail.

With devices multiple applications having a PIM a standard is necesary since the contact database might not be very friendly to systems. For that reason most clients use the vcard, clients such as Evolution, Outlook, Eudora, Palm Calendar/Contact, Kontact, even older apps like Gnome-Cal, and web applications such as Horde, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc.

I recently inherit a palm device and I have been tweaking with it ever since, the first thing I tried to do was import my contact database, unfortunately the vcards are not all updated and having a logic of what should update first so data is not lost could be a pretty tricky mission.

That’s when I realize I need to update my contact database, I mostly have techie contacts so I was very surprise when most people didn’t even know what is a vericard (vCard). Is really odd specially since most of my contacts are international, from Mexico, to US to UK to Romania, none have a vCard.

I bet that most of them if not all have a client like Evolution, Thunderbird, or Horde, Yahoo or something similar. Yet nobody have their contact information.

This is pretty important since we wanted to have the best networking possible yet not many people use this already existing standards.