Back to Mexico

Finally I got the chance to blog about my experience back to mexico. I have mixed feelings, I have enjoyed myself here but it hasnt been something I was looking forward. I now have a set of goals and the urgency to develop.

Starting to develop a business is always challenging and paying attention to details is even more challenging. When you are doing a lot of things on the internet is hard to move to the analog country and do business off-line. Is a diferent magic and is definetly something that will take time to master.

So what too look forward, Xmass and family, is different this time around, my sis and bro already drive and they spend a lot of time out. With me also spending time like that, I have to compete for the car and also time in/out of house.

The nice part was when I land in cancun and it was just a beautiful day and to my surprise I found an empty cancun with really nice beach and great calm sea coast. The only problem was that some hotels were partially destroyed, the pools were empty or with seawater and the whole scenario look pretty bad. The most surprise came with the completely empty beaches, I was like the whole city was empty and it was just me and nobody else. The weather was gorgeous and the feeling of just me and the ocean was relaxing and amaizing about sometimes the things u take for granted.

I will love to see how things turn out and will love to see what else will come in the future.