What is business?

I came to an interesting realization about business it kind of make sense but at the same time doesnt. Business is about people, calling people, meeting people, selling to people and mailing/faxing people.

With more communication infrastructure like VoIP, emails and cheap airflights, making global business is not as hard. However sticking with a schedule of meeting people selling to people and also haivng an accounting of the contacts is proven to be a very important task.

Having said that I wonder how will this sales tools and networking skills might make me actually earn money. Meaning that I will be able to get business and make business for others. I have come to the simple realization that technology should be replaced by solutions and earning time and worries to costumers usually comes even farther than just selling/installing and trainning busineses. The skill to integrate and just take most of the process from the clients is really what end users are expecting. Ease of deployment and great costumer service can go a long way but is expensive and this service is what really needs to be organized so that margins keep growing.