A Web-aware Office suite

Lately I have been listening to a lot of this Web 2.0 wave as the new rich internet applications generate a modularized information transport the static front into a dynamic one. This makes websites get into behaving more like desktop applications, at the same time, desktop applications have the potential to become more web-awrare. The veins of the back end is XML-RPC/SOAP and similar transmissions that connect to the different datasources.

The Office space can benefit for this quick exchange of information and become more web-aware. I define web-aware as an application that extend their normal pre-design options to be extendable through web-resources without being completely dependant. An example could be the Impress templates where you have 2 or 3 sample templates + the ones you generate, a 3rd one will be an option that resides on the net like OpenTemplates which you can access directly from your OOo interface and retrieve the latest templates.

Here are some mockups of a web-aware OpenOffice.org suite:

  • Cliparts
  • Templates
  • Extensions

Others can be:

  • Dictionaries & Thesaurus
  • Palettes

Other technologist like Miguel de Icaza recently is pushing Gnome# to be a more aware web. KDE is already being web-aware with Wallpapers and Jukebox apps like Amarok.

OOo to a degree is web aware with search engines connecting to google, Laurent Dictionary installer, OOoWikipedia, and caloan’s OOoBlogger extensions.

Whats next?? True exchange of information will be when OpenDocument can be seamlesly interchangable between the web and the office suite. A writable web where each HTML page chan be download modified and saved back to the web (similarly to a wiki but with a more rich GUI/Framework). Where the information of your OpenDocument can be tagged, search, recorded and query using XML technology like SPARQL, XQuery, XForms and XML-Signature.