Video Tutorials, OpenDocuments and future of OOo is a powerful application, yet opendocument is aiming to be a standard it should be on not so powerful applications to be a true standard. Mozilla Firefox might hide the key to mak OpenDocuments the true standard, not because FF is not powerful but because FF is greatly deployed and when web 2.0 meets OpenDocuments we can start aiming a new era where information from office documents meet the web ambiance.

A new area of business might be a three level tier service, when you integrate HTML-XML-OpenDocuments and start making a three level service (blog, cms, webservices). When you make your on your desktop, text editors generating opendocuments, and finally a fast transformers that make OpenDocument Webpages.

Browsing the web on opendocuments might be a hassle but making the web writable might be a cool thing to have. Is hard to explain yet this conceptual web but merging the deployments of rich internet applications, desktop applications with web-services and Opendocuments interacting with the services.

On other news I have been doing some video-tutorails which have proven to be well accepted in the community. Some even have been able to jump into this video tutorial train and as I see more and more people getting interesting in using this medium to solve problems and also explain the use of