Looking for hope

Lately the question if I’ll ever see my gf again, gets everymore close and substantial. As I go to my next destination I am phiscally getting farther from her but my biggest fear is if I will also get farther spiritually. I hope not. But I can’t stop to think of the likeness of that.

In a desperate attempt I have been talking with her more and more until I finally settle things on a mater plan that can bring her next to me sooner that I had ever thought.

With her comming as soon as this summer, I can’t feel more happy and knowing that I could be able to show her everywhere I got to offer and also thinking about the next big thing I could do.

Thinking about going in a two person trip around the country sounds so fun that I can’t even just start to imagine all the things we could be able to do.

This is the ray of hope I was looking for months and now I got a solid rock on which I can hold on and endure the months laying ahead.