Ideas for Episode 9

OOoCAST might be sooner this week since there seem to be more news available. Since I dont want this ideas to get lost in the weekend. I should make a list about the stuff that happened this week:

  • Interview with Aridane from Sun’s Translation League
  • Issues on the OpenDocument XML
  • Interest on the libodt project
  • Contact with the ‘movers’ from Spain
  • Promoting in FLISOL
  • Klick project and
  • Difference between MSO and OOo
  • Reaching the universities as a ground foundation

Most of the people has been lacking on their marketing efforts. I have had a more forward approach but I will start changing my tune. Now I am going to be proactive, that means that I will only informs things I will do not things I want to be done. I will start contacting with Leo Laporte and other Podcasters and start giving interviews about the community about