Specializing on engineering the market

As technology politics start rising I am realizing on a ‘political campaing’ looking for… voters. Technology sometimes is about the product and the appeal but most of the time is about politics. Getting exposure, acceptance and word of mouth scheme.

So delivering this infraestructure where an organization with the correct balance and PR take up on a technology has the muscle to push it world wide.

I’ve had this feeling for a while, specially when I see AJAX being somehow of a DHTML 2.0. A lot of AJAX people are achieving what Flash has achieved all this time, the difference is that google catch it. But… does google really catch it?

Google was a killer to the flash uptake, standard peoples went to Javascript to empower it so that it gets mainstream acceptance. However, the issue of making it mainstream among developers has been taken by happy websites putting wrapping and frameworks on top of them.

This has been the case of Ruby on Rails, Scriptaculous, Dojo etc.

The opportunity for a company that has the resources necesarrry to populate the internet with content that drives the necesarry mass of people to buy into the product. Where the value is NOT the actual content (product) but medium (websites, mouth-to-mouth), relations with bloggers, IT personality and journals.

Interesting having an eye on the development of this shift in a political tech-sphere.