Variables and Writer

I am really looking forward to finally master all the Writer tools availables and i all this time there is no other tools that I have kept more ignorant than Variables.

Variables are somehow complex but powerful automation tools for complex text documents. However this variables are not really studied even by power users. The interface might look a bit intimidating which causes users to simply not even understand the whole concept of the tool.

So far I haven’t been able to understand but at least I will try to sumarize the interface and see if people might take it further.


Variables:Variables focus on the management of this ones and it can be either mathematical or character based. There are regularvariables and page variables.

User fields and DDE fields also are special customizable fields. DDE is similar to OLE and means Dynamic Data Exchange. The help file says:

Inserts a DDE link into the document, that you can update as often as you want through the assigned name.

The management of this variables are still something that I ignore.


The reference module uses 3 main options, Set reference, insert bookmark and bookmarks. With just a name field and different formats.

Reference might have something to do with the variable tab since it seems they are interchangable, meaning that the reference fields will be available to use use the variables tab.


Depending on the field type that you select, you can assign conditions to certain functions. For example, you can define a field that executes a macro when you click the field in the document, or a condition that, when met, hides a field. You can also define placeholder fields that insert graphics, tables, frames and other objects into your document when needed.

This looks like the most interesting and dynamic type of Variables this surely add functionality to the document however the interfac is a bit awckward.

The functions seems to be a higher set of macro management which makes the potential of this interface quite powerful. I wonder if power users will get their curiosity in shape to develop things on top of this visual framework.

Hopefully I will get more time and information to do this myself.