About to leave to Barcelona

Well it seems that I am finally gonna be able to leave to Barcelona, since I didn’t had the chance previously in Romania. Of course I expect everything to go well but being a business travel rather than a pleasure one things might be a bit different experience.

I do expect to be able to see Victor at least once and after that we could be able to go out and have a chat.

I would love to be able also to have a time to walk on the main parts of the city. Since Barcelona seems like the hotspot to go and if I am in europe and I get the chance to see my gf, it’s spain where I want to meet her simply because is faster from Romania.

This morning has bee a lil bit odd and long, I was expecting a quick trip to the airport in the morning but so far I had breakfast, lunch and a nap and I am still here. Hopefully we will remain on schedule.