is for the children

If you want to make a product the most popular you might want to have the only costumer range who doesnt have a single dollar to his name but has the most purchasing power of all the above.

This costumer powers one of the biggest industries out there, the entertaining industry, the food industry, the movie one and many many more.

So let the community met their NEW target market out there….. the kids

Kids like colors, kids like easy, and kids like fun. Kids like chocolate, ice cream and talk. They love to communicate through sms and IM and chats. If you are 13 and you don’t know what IM is, you are basically not talking to the right kid.

So how can the boring suite minded sun engineers understand the kids? Well, the answer is to learn from experts in the field. I am talking about the cereal market. After all we both ship the same thing…. boxes and a strong branding

so what do we want kids to do with a ‘suite tool’, what about making kids stuff more interesting.

Can we make sparkling color, simple interface, and ease of use software that can make beautiful templates that kids can print and paste on their door to keep their sibilings to get in their room?

Can we become the toold that make those Lemonade for 5C announcements.

I remember in my OS/2 ages I had word processors that did big banners for events, since we used to have dot matrix printers, I could print several pages attached into a huge banner for events . I will print as outline and then paint it with crayons or markers and make it look pretty.

At the end of the day I came to the realization that if you make kids use that tool, the next step are CEOs of multi-mayor companies and can afford to pay someone to check this thing called email. 🙂