Templates on demand

One thing I’ve learned from the use of KDE was the potential of XML-RPC within applications. It seems that the use of webservices on free software can add a lot of flexibility to many of the applications out there.

First of all I would love to see more resources in service of OOo. And I think that XML-RPC within OOo might be the answer to this and other issues regarding the future of the office suite.

Constantly the engineers have been opposed ton iclude extra documentation, extra templates or extra stuff into OOo for the reason that it will bloat it even more. While that is a valid reason I think that we are also paying the price of migration.

Point in case, iWork is a suite that just have a lot of templates that just look so beautyful that is worth not being compatible with MSO or just being a different tool.

Same thing with Keynote and all this other Mac tools. However, OOo has a more pragmatic approach and size play a bigger role that beautiness.

I think that components might be the promise land as we get more and more in touch with developing extra functionality around OOo. Python scripts have also been a great way to finally get something beautiful, simple and easy to build on to extend and improve OOo user experience.