Connecting the Dots

We really need more development on the sphere. With a 2.0 final I think we can actually consider this a stable framework to work on and start development for at least a some significant ammount of months.

So what I was thinking about, well if you can’t home-raise developers, I guess the best idea is to reach developers that specialized on the external projects and promote an integration/bind.

So some ideas…
Conquering the calendaring app:

  • Evolution’s Eplugs to integrate it better to
  • OOo Integration with web apps like eGroupWare or MoreGroupWare
  • Test some of the OpenGroupWare implementation

Document Journaling made easy, create documents and save it in ‘time’. When you save your file, the actual content is saved in a blog-like rich client which keep it on a calendaring system (look above).

Very simple gtk 1.x calenar application that might work really simple but efficiently since it already has an engine to ical.