Python all over the OOo Development

Python has starting to boom around the application. Currently I have done some googling and found out that the scripts of PyUNO has started to blossom.

I found 4 important python scripts which I put on my GUL page.

The first one was a PyUNO-Server based on the XML-RPC technology which reading it seems to make a conection with a server and then work as a service that will push the uno API for interaction

The other is a Server of PDF through PyUNO where you can actually put a web-app that will generate PDF from a web service.

Finally I found the OOoBlogger which is a smart hack to call on the Blogger API and input the XML-to-html. I would have loved to have xhtml but the XSLT still very rough on the edges for primetime.

Finally some blogs have started talking on the blogsphere.