Final thoughts about OOoCon

Unfortunately I wasn’t been able to get on the blog for the final part of OOoCon. The conclusions were that the biggest challenge in OOo is the communication. The problem is broad and might not have any 1 single solution.

As the conference came to an end and everyone felt really confortable talking about code, development, and the future of OOo. Developers were listening, Sun was listening, and people were communicating.

The recognition of developers, engineers and people that actually do some work will completely change the project for better and the actual talks of a more developer oriented community can see the birth of the new Firefox on the media. is here to stay, the open document format is definetly going to stay, the international proyects will also advance, but as we grow we also need to intercommunicate better.

I have seen cities that have grown in different directions and hasn’t been pretty, I also seen organizations that have an iron fist of management and micro-management which also make it hell on earth.

The culture clash between community, corporate culture, security and licenses stopping work and innovation of the actual product and usually forget what this proyect is about.

The lack of meritocracy, the lack of communication, the lack of ‘good enough’ culture, lack of delegation are problems that will hopefully be overcomed by the community and will make the project grow.

And now… the pictures: