Education in OOo

“Too hard… teachers don’t know…. business don’t ask for them… it looks like crap”
“not supported… is not recognized by my app… you mean is free?…. I never heard about it…. I want Office…. word is my operating system?”

This are some of the common responses when triying to introduce into a slow, traditional enviroment like schools. The need to attach a common problem throughout the infrastructure of MS Zombie people that walks the earth.

Teachers are the worst students, and dealing with the psyche of a teacher is a hard task itself. However sometimes the enthusiast OOo people find it hard when facing this walls and the need is also common as far as reasources is concerned.

The education system is one of the most important out ther, know how to market OOo is also vital to the success of itself and having a clearer manual and strategy on how to go about it is definetly needed so our OOo advocates don’t feel they are fighting the war by themselves.

Documentation is needed, localization of this documentation is needed as well and physical resources will go far longer way than just digital resources.