Burn Koper, Burn

Interesting session yesterday where most of the main openoffice.org people were debating on whenever or not a Foundation will solve many of the issues OpenOffice.org faces today. There was a interesting debate when I went to the mic and start pointing issues from a cathedral OOo organization to a need for international projects to come of age.

Having novell, google, intell and late in the conference, IBM we got the chance to get into the economic side of having an opendocument format as a value added and as it become more and better recognized, the political and marketing incentives are excelent given the MA decission.

Early this morning another ground zero effect took place when a microsoft executive started the debated on what they consider an open format for the NEW Office.

The microsoft guy came with concerns about anti-americanism, spinning the disc about an anti-americanism feeling. And at the end they wanted to have a standard and they feeling their an industry standard which totally miss the point.

After that we went to the computer lab which the IBM guy engaged into a show you and show me. He gave me a live tour around the Workplace application.