We need linguistics / developers

So finally I decided to get out of the developer meetings and go to the localization meetings. They gave a tutorial on SunTrans, an application we used before.

Unfortunately Sun translator’s lack of knowlege of IRC staggered the first efforts in the past. I am willing to give a new try. I guess the sungloss mailing list will be opened again and hopefully I will organize a smart group of linguistic so far googled showed me some interesting linguistic institutions in Mexico and Spain.

The previous developer session was also quite interesting as we obverview some of the packaging concepts of the UNO extensions. The extensions have some opportunity now that a new simplified UNO interface will be implemented for OOo 2.0. Hopefully this will make the new developers break into the UNO developer club.

A few minutes ago I chat with Charles Schultz about stuff going on in the spanish community. He notice an opportunity for ES taking a leadership position on the OOo development and encourage the current user base to break into the developer spectrum of OOo.