The Projector Project

Finally one of my OOo long seaking features might actually get implemented if we speed up here. I have been looking around the code for XSLT filters for the Impress module into XHTML. One of my goals is to make it Opera/W3C compatible witht he projection scheme.

Reading this opera simple tutorial might give you an idea of one of the goals that I am triying to build regarding the creation of desktop presentation as well as a web presentation of slides.

The basic usability case is simple, just export your impress presentation as a xhtml and this will include the CSS @media projector giving you the hability to actually present your ideas in a similar way, whenever is using Impress or a browser such as Opera.

A sample css code for the projection could be:
@media projection {

.screen {



.projection {

“display: block;

“padding:65px 200px 0px 24px;

“page-break-after: always;


body {

“background:#47557b url(operashowbg.jpg) fixed;



“font-family:’trebuchet ms’,arial,sans-serif;




This code will basically states of your CSS presentation on the web once you activate it using F11 in Opera. The key really relies on the break points, where you want to set it up and work with them. On Impress the slides are wrapped up under the DIV tag with an incremental class such as dp3.

The way wich is organized also will have to improved. Eventually we will need to come up with a better explanation and mapping of how the xslt files work within the file structure of and also a better documentation on the XML way the presentations are being generated.