NLC Meeting

The NLC (Native Language Confederation) meeting was great, it has to do with the exchange of ideas between the different language projects. Louis and Charles were in that meeting and hopefully raise some interesting points.

I pretty much went through my personal list of goals and issues within the spanish project. In those I raise some pretty critical like the submition of bugs. Is frustrating sometimes seen testers getting ignore because of simple things like language barriers.

Other problem is the community involvement in accessing the CVS since most of the users are not technally savvy enough to get CVS/SSH working. On this area the insertion of Wiki’s and Syndication might solve some of the things.

After that we got some concern over what woudl be the right approach to get into the projects to localize into indigenous languages. Taking care of a new project and website and avoid getting into fragmentation of the localization.

I recently contacted lenmex to see advances on their project. Unfortunately is a bit too rushed to give an idea on improving their current state.