OOoCon 2nd Day

Second day of the Conference started with a really laizy morning. It was rainy and way too early for me, however I find strenght to get out of the bed and into the shower.

In a few mintues I was ready to get my free breakfast at the hotel 😀 I went downstairs and I found Tora from the Japanese Community which joined me for breakfast.

We discuss different things from keyboard and font support for asian lanauges, fonts licenses issues in Windows and Linux. And also experiences of his work in Japan. We finally went into the education market and spent sometime discussing about the INGOTs project which really was appealing to him.

I finish giving him an Otto badge and also a trainner manual and the opportunity for him to start a Japanese translation with OOoAuthors and create fresh new peer reviewed documentation.

After that I went with some Sun tranlsators to the conference spot but I decided to go and come to the computer room and check my email. I found Louis and had the chance to ask him about some issues that presented yesterday during the NLC meeting (more on that later today).