Finally at OOoCon

After Ian’s unfortunate accident we had to recofigure our program to just Daniel and I. So we flew to Venice and was great, we got the chance to intereact and have a more loosen coversations. We had a hard time trying to get out of the airport, first time we needed to pick up the rented car, then we needed. Then we went back to get some FOOD dawg… At the end we went back because Daniel wanted to go to the bathroom.

After that whole process of moving in and out of the airport we finally got the chance got actually use the car. Since we haven’t driven in a while we decided to do some practice drives around the parking lot. Unfortunately for me Daniel resulted on a completelz novice driver which make us extend the training quite a while.

I did tried the car for a lil while which resulted on no practical hassle. Later on we diced to finally leave to Koper…yay!!!

On the next 30 minutes I watched a desperate nervous Daniel triying to get used to driving. While we actually manage not to hit some car on a traffic jam on a slope. After a while I decided to swith and told Daniel to let me drive.

A few minutes later we were cruising and even dared to switch to a different route… the s16 one. This seemed like a faster way to get to Tieres and then Koper.

We were cruising fliying on the high way with no major probles until this happened. An accident happened and a massive jam let us stock for a pretty good while.

After the traffic was cleared we could finally advanced and soon we found our way into Tieres. We found this great plaza (or should I say Piaza) and had a nice meal there sorrounded by this beatiful buildings and architecture.

The rest of the road was a breeze even if it was raining heavily we manage to get sound and safe around 4 hours later than expected but in one piece at least. The night went fine and peaceful, we didn’t had any disturbance and I took a nice hot bath.

This morning was beautiful and even if we started with a really crowded breakfast place it got cleared out and we got a peaceful chat about the community, ways to improve the website and the true history of