Are my Flesh Friends On-Line Ready?

Last night I was thinking what happened with all my friends from school. They were almost around me all my life as I grew up in an enviroment where all my friends will know them and their families. Kind of like a suburb, but only that it was in a city. However the fact that it was a private school, I always knew my other friends, their parents and also their skillset.

We grew up and I left the lil community. Interesting enough, this community has somehow survive since most of these friends remained together, went to college together and if they are not working together… well I want to find out why.

In this day and age, most people that can afford it is internet ready, at least in the developed countries.

A lot of people however is not, and the education of the internet is getting focal attetntion as is a trully information rich value.

The internet however has been also a social enviroment and i have builted contact with some of my college friends. My friends seem pretty internet savvy but then I wonder about my older friends, the one from high school and elementary school. I wonder how are they doing and if they will also get as I savvy as the average guy.

So now is up to Google to find my friends and hopefully I will get some feedback.