Saturday with the girl I love

Today it was an interesting day, in a word it was just one word:


My baby, the girl I nearly lost, now I am sitting right beside her, inside her, even if many water and many land stand betwen me and her.

Today it was a day dedidacted to her, she was in pain, her head felt like a time bomb. Still she wouldn’t let me go as she embrace to me and just talk about all our time we spend and about how she recognize that life without me really wouldn’t be worth living.

I feel exactly the same way, I really feel that right now life is good. I got a good job doing what I love, with the people I want to be, living to a degree the life I live and now I have the person I have always been waiting for.

So I talked, and chat, and talked all day and chat again. It was great, we laugh, we got serious, we got kinky and even for a lil bit, we got mad.

At the end we were really grateful for this day we deserve to each other, we spend the whole time just talking about everything. I would love to generate new memories since most of our talk start with ‘remember’. However I still think we could generate even more experience, I love talking to her about new topics and even get into debates.

She is a very smart women, and I am a smart guy, I think we definetly got feelings and thoughts. It was interesting boarding our favorite topic — sex. With an internet look and she found herself in another woman’s blog talking about her sexual experience through out her life. She could relate so well that for a second I think she just read the topics.

Overal it was a great day and we really enjoy it a lot. Tomorrow she will have a computer exam which I know she will do ok meanwhile she studied with a friend and me but eventually end up a bit fed up of our geekiness.

I hope more happy days like this come around soon too.