UK accent

So yesterday it was saturday and I think it was about time to get out of the house. I mean having internet is great but staying there for 3 days straight might be a lil bit boring. So I finally went with Ian’s kids. They took me to downtown Birminham and had a good time.

They took me to this club where Chris, the older brother is the lead singer of the group. I would never ever go to a club like this if this people didn’t carry me there. It’s hardcore punk rock, something I am really not keen into. I could just remember that M.O.P. video with Busta Rhymes.

Anyway the first singer looked like that guy from America History X, he had a German cross on the back and some tatoos. I wonder if he was a skinhead or something. Anyway the whole crew was pretty odd, the kids looked really young and the girls really ugly.

Anyway I had an interesting time, after that we went back home just to locate Ben (younger brother friends) and left to Tamworth’s downtown. The town is very tiny and the center is well just like any american suburb.

Ben is a really cool guy, I feel confortable talking to him and his friends are alright. I hope we get to practice some basketball together sometime in the future.

Well everything went great and I am happy to say I had a good time. At the end of the day I went back on line and stayed until reallly late. There are some interesting things developing ahead for INGOTs. I just hope this don’t just stayed in Plans and we can get actual busienss going.