Building systems and Productive Day

Today I stayed building systems all morning long. It was quite fun, after that I came to check my email but I found that mandriva was hanging wildly. Finally I got to work it around and found that there were some issues with the hardware detection.

After finally using the system I could check some of the mail and start talking to some of my friends. After that I got to work with the systems, I learned how to manage the cabling and setting up the motherboard. We got to build some systems and were pretty good. I found that the stuff on the pc is really messy, too much cables, too little space and is basically just crunching it.

Once said that I think it was great to experience that there are lots to do and not just the same thing over and over.

It was nice also to find that your ideas are greatly appreciated. Today debating with Ian I came with the idea of making moodle a project for the INGOTs Bronze.

I still need to read the Qualification Assurance and I need to check the whole stuff. I mean get the documents and read them again and again. I think I got a productive day, since I also check for the paypal accounts and I would need to get some more paypal driven communities. Unfortunately I only got to download 1 class for it on php.