Finally Out

So finally I got to leave Romania, not without having to get bitten by some dogs for about 4 Million Lei (150 USD). But at least I could get out. The process was painfully slow to get my paperwork done good thing I got to the airport on time, otherwise I would have lost the flight. Again, everything was ok at the end and I get to finally relax.

My mother called me at that time and I was relaxing and talking to her about the whole trip. Unfortunately my mom started to put me stuff to do and all that; she wanted me to get on the phone at 2:30 am and well I started to stress about all the new homework I got out of nowhere.

I finally told her that I had to go since I needed to call my baby. So after hanging up with her, I quickly called her and started a very long talk. we got the chance to talk for a while and even if it was hard talk. We maintained a good mood on a positive level.

She seemed to be pretty serious about the enrollment in the college in Mexico. Thing that would be great since it will give me the chance to be with me and also she will be able to go to the US.

I really wish I could get to be with her….is funny how we think about life, the thing we usually want to happen usually happen, not in the time and from we would wanted but it gets there.

Still a lot of things to figure out, but the will is there and probably might increase dramatically. Now all we need is to start connected and to continue with the spirit.

I really believe that we have a connection, everything seems to point to us connected. I have no doubt that we got a great synergy and that the link we have will survive the space. But enough of that.

Now will be me and the UK and the great adventure that will happen….

Going back to the aiport, we talked until I got to the airplane. After that the flight was a bit boring. It was 1 1/2 hours but they felt like 3 in total.

I had a good sleep and with the cookies and chocolate it wa enough to starve a hunger strike. Still it look pretty cheap the fact, they just gave out water during the whole flight looked cheap.