OOoCast Episode 2

So Episode 2 is already in the can and i am looking forward to have episode 3 tonght, however I still need to check for information around the community. Before the episode is launched I have decided to take the OGG files out. I am looking for a podcast that can host my ogg files as well as my mp3. Currently blipmedia host my mp3 but ogg will be harder to get. I hope to find this service soon.

Maybe that internet archieve can achieve this and then I will be able to have both files streamed. Then I will need to generate different RSS for each.

I still need help with encoding, I found out that the quality of the ogg is the same regarless if its quality 40 or quality 3. The output has the same ammount of MB. Hopefully this will change soon since I am still looking for a slimmer OGG file.

Episodio 2 is great, I talk a lot about opportunities for the community and I think this episode will be welcomed and hopefully will be heard across the OOo community. I talked also about FLOSS topics and the music industry and the new topology of media.

I also spend some time talking about comoditation of information and hopefully this will also help some of the entrepreneurs to get organized.