State of Shock

I think I am in a state of shock or denial since i havent really done any expected drama about the separation of my gf. Yesterday I was talking to her and surprisingly she feels the same way. It seems we still don’t realize we wont see each other in a while.

Anyhow is cool that we are talking and we are even planning for the future, I just told her to look into Endicott College which is the school I went to and was pretty cheap compared to other colleges in the US.

The plan is simple, she gets a 50% schorlarship, then she moves to Mexico and study there, and then she moves to the USA the last 2 years getting her college degree and also living with me 🙂

We don’t mean it at this point, is just a nice thought, but I have seen some other nice toughts transforming into reality so I wouldn’t suprise me if something similar happens.

Anyway, we still talk and we are so calm, we still talk about hugging kissing and making wild love the next time we see each other feeling that it will be anytime soon. I dunno if this feeling will change once I move to the UK but so far no drama.