More OOoComments

I think I need to post more topics lately I have done some related work and I think I will be blogging more about it soon. I am definetly excited with my participation in visiooo-writer and also some other ideas I have been documented. Right now I have to main projects:

  • OOoBrowser
  • OOoComments

They both are looking pretty good, I hope I get to acomplish them but really, right now I am just playing around and looking at how can it be done. At least I have come with some interesting conclusions, one is that we really need a native linux library to play around with OpenDocuments. Is kind of stupid that we are pusing opendocument to be the standard in office documents, but the periferial support seems weak. That means that there is even more distributed support for OGG/JPEG file format than the OpenDocument.

By that I mean that more people are building tools for this files than for the OpenDocument, I think that to some degree the support ofOpenOffice.orgon Microsoft office file format proves at a disadvantageto stimulate theuse of OpenDocuments as opposed to MSO.

Hopefully I can make a difference in this regards and eventually have a native unix library that deals directly with the OpenDocument.