Feeling Down

TodayI felt pretty down the whole day, I was pretty depressed. I dunno why, I was very concern about loosing my flight to the Uk. About that I also have some issues with the bills that are crawling at a frightining
rate. I hope I have enough money to cover my expenses. On the flip side I think I need to strenght my muscle in spain and look for FLOSS chances over there.

My contact in the UK seem to have change his tune about his venture in the Uk. For some reason I think he is very concern about what he is going to pay me and how long will I be there. I hope everything will be alright at the

My other concern is about what to do once the Uk pass by and if I will be able to do something interesting at all. I want to mantain in europe for a while but I also hate being here too much. I think Japan dream is farther than ever but then again I havent push any effort on triying there.

Hokyu, my contact from Korea is also an untap opportunity too. I would want to know if there is an actual opportunity there. Maybe is a good idea to check him out and get a better objective on my last trip to internationalization. After here, I will need to apply to Canada and see if I can actually settle myself at last and basically have a true internaitonal business vision.