Leaving Irina

I know I haven’t been blogging for a while, thanks for the incompatibility
of my blog with IE and having to rely on crappy Internet places where there
is no choice but IE.

At the same time, well I have been very busy with my girlfriend and I mean
busy on any possible way, I had spend a lot of quality time with her and I
feel we really belong to each other. At the same time there has been some
problems and not everything had turned out like it was supposed to be. Once
said that, I really feel like I really love her and that soon I will really
be missing her a lot. I don’t know how to do this, but I hope everything
will turn out alright and there is not that much suffering. I do believe
that we belong to each other and that we should carry ourselves into a great
future apart… by that I mean…

Love her even when she aint there, think about her but dont get sad and
obviously communicate without letting all those feelings overcome the
present which is now the future. I expect to have a great time in the UK and
I can’t let attachment to her get the best of me. Is good when you love a
person but is not so good when you are dependent or attached and I think I
should be able to draw the line. Since I really love her and I really want
to be with her, I should stay strong and realize what is my final goal.

Getting over her will be hard, probably the hardest thing I have ever done,
but I should do it and I should be happy about it. I will get back to her
one day on one form or another but I really think that for that to become a
reality willl depend on my determination of moving on forward and not the
It will be hard but is doable and I think I should do it, for her, for me,
for us.