OooCAST!!! Episodio 1

Finally I could release my first podcast at OOoXtremo with some interesting results. After my introduction episode I found out some issues with the Linux version of Audacity. I have issues
triying to manipulate content of different Khz. The default is on 44Khz and I wanted to work with 22Khz however when I import sections with 22 I got a chipmunked recording.

Also another problem was the transfer of music from the harddrive to the laptop struggle since my connection is a USB 1.0 which slow down the process when encoding. LAME has been ok but it was weird watching audacity behave better on windows than linux :S

As far as the episode went, it went great. I really enjoyed my time doing all the things myself and actually driving an interesting conversation about and it’s future. I wish more people will eventually come up and I think the quality is much better compared to before. I still need to get this thing arranged better but so far I think is going great.

I also need to ask for feedback on the tutorial part, since I can’t show the steps visually, new techniques will have to be consider to explain the download process. I think I will need to mention less the URL address and syntaxes and move on to a more general explanation.

I think my enthusiasm was better but still need improvement as far as the last thoughts about future, it couldn’t be better. Except maybe some minor word selection everything was pretty interesting and up to date.

I also need to do more research in the developer area since is one of the less notice by people in the community.

There are many people who want macros but very few actually is interesting in developing them. I wonder if this is a cultural things since Latin america still have the impression that these tools are produced by very smart genious. Once the community gets to know the developers and humanize them they will actually feel more confortable of jumping in this development wagon.

As far as for business, I think we will be ok on these department. The problem also is that the consumers are not educated enough to value the benefits of a community development. I think is also connected as business usually scared of young teenager comming with these solutions. But that will pass too, I think once the solution is working, the market of it will come from different levels. I consider the Office Integration the promessland of computing in the office space. Why? Easy… as most web apps become the ERP of business, the HTML clients are not rich enough. A full featured office interface could provide even more flexibility for their users. An example can be seen on the XML for clients and also on the way is gluing to all this platforms. IS flexible and as more people recognize this and exploit it, we will see a rebirth of the office desktop applications.