Last day at the office

So today is my last day at the office, it feels weird that I won’t come back to this office to work. It has been pretty slow this past weeks however I must admit it was a rewarding experience after all. I think I have learned a lot and thoughts around me circulate as I move on to my next experience in the UK.

Is interesting how a company grows and learns out of the business market and actually it seems to do a pretty good job. I also learned more about the project management and launches of products. I wish this company the best and hope that one day they will actually consolidate independent products and can blow up on their own.

The wave this company has gather from international workers and also results that even if they are hard to admit at the moment it will show up as they grow and hopefully turn this experience into a very rewarding one.

Management still needs polishing as developers turn managers are very hard to see because of the control-freak behavior on the code. Unfortunately the mushroom aproach is too popular still on a programmer turn managers.

I do believe thought that they will get it right and once they do, you will see reflected on the company’s bottom line.

The service attitude is also a great value that this company portraits but enough about this… The day seems pretty calm today, we had finally lower enough the ammount of support tickets on the forums and probably be ok next week.

I really don’t plan to acomplish much, except those few costumers that have been waiting almost for a whole week for my answer (extreme cases).

This weekend will also be slow as I am just really waiting for tuesday which is when my actual vacations will start. I think everything works out fine and we enjoy a nice weather at the seaside. The weather so far has been great and I hope to take plenty of pictures. As my last day at work evolves I’ll probably be motivated to write more about this.