Bye Bye Piatra Neamtz

Yesterday was a heavily emotional day, the day that make me want to remember. Is interesting how that little town will mean so much for me. What that town gave me is not comparable to anywhere else. I say bye to the town that has meant so much anxiety to get there, so much patience to wait to be there. And eventually so much happines once I got there.

All the times I went and the last minutes I was counting just to get off that train/bus.

I was always excited to be there, I was always sad when I leave. I wonder if I will ever be back, I don’t know, probably not… this place will forever live in my heart and I guess I could ever flight back to Piatra Neamtz. The place where I got one of the most beautiful thoughts on my mind. I can always picture it and go back to Piatra Neamtz.

This is a sad time, cuz I know I will regret about why I didn’t just stop and go back and stay there for a moment. I really wish I could just freeze time spend a lifetime and then move on.