The day after time

Was this our honeymoon, could this be it, when the moring will breakthrough in the UK. When I realize my orange number wont work. When I tried to remember where I am at and realized where I am not.
That tender fantasy that came and went, the sight and sent of something that can’t be not anymore. And through the nite I can live it again just to come back to reality and found out that moment is gone to never come back.
It was interesting living life like that, with that smile and theet showing up, with those green eyes and with the nostalgic thought of cheating time and take it back.
I guess I don’t need anything more at this time, all that I wanted I got it and it all felt nice and it all feel right. I want to go back but I can’t and with all my sorrow I will have to realize I have to move on. I can only look forward or the past will invade me and slow me down. I can’t second think this anymore since I realize I couldn’t come with you now and that maybe tomorrow I will be able to. The only way to get there is to move on faster and make that come sooner than ever.