On my way to PN

So finally the week is about to be over and my back pack is packed and my clock says is about to be one. So in a few minutes I will be on my way to PN.

Great to know that finally I will meet my gf. I really wish everyghing goes smoothly and I have the chance to be with her… finally..

So I was very glad that I talked to her about hip hop. It has been a while since we actually talk about something else that wasn’t us. So moving away to a very important topic for both is really a good thing.

I also plan to spend time with her on other topics like technology. Maybe she would be able to offer her thoughts about some of the things I usually do everyday.

Well I think is about time and I hope to blog some more on monday about how it all went.

On other news it seems the UK thing is taking shape and I wold be going to london on Sept 14.