Why there is no Hip Hop in my life?

This blog has been great but one of the things I haven’t blog is about hip hop, listening to this Chris Pirillo blog, it was amazing to hear her fianc�es to cover an event that are really great. She interview almost everyone in that event and finally went to this special talk that involved hip hop, sexism and feminism. This sounded like the kind of information that you will NOT find in a technology show.Now that I hear this content I think about how my love have diminish to a certain degree about hip hop. Yes I was just rhyming a few months back and I was almost feeling it back in me. Lately I have come up with silly rhymes for my gf about how much I loved her. However I don’t feel hip hop anymore, I don’t think this is related to age. I think is related just to the information I am lacking right now.Being in a foreign country like Romania, and also this whole mix of feelings about life and technology has make myself very focus with open source, my girlfriend, my life… and somehow my music has diminish it’s involvement and impact in it.I had stop listening to the lyrics of the new artist and even if I tried to read some nice reviews from various sources like ManHunt.com, I failed to recapture that interest into lyricist doing inroads at the moment.My only hip hop post in this blog that I can remember was when ODB died, I remember I was actually very concern at some point of what ODB was really saying. Having WU-sources constantly reporting on whatever was going on with the clan actually involve my thoughts and at that time I was highly critical about hip hop.My question is… will I come back to those days, or have I reach saturation of activities and topics. I think (hope) not. And I think it is important to return to hip hop AND BASKETBALL. Which is one of the two things I highly miss. I just disconnected completely from the lifestyle and I feel a bit awkward trying to look back and see this love for both diminish considerably.For now this post will be finished but I hope this is the beginning to blog more stuff that is actually on and that I like. More than the general media, please let me get back to the underground and conscious rappers I used to listen. I should chat more about the kind of rappers that I need to check out, the witty rhymes over organic beats. And I should write more and I hope I can even post some of my work here in this blog.