XpoLinux is ON!!!!

XpoLinux will be launched in just a few minutes, the second edition of what it plans to be THE event for FLOSS in business. The best part of XpoLinux is that is not just to sell free software but to create a business community and to empower this community.

We believe that business in Mexico and Latin America lack the culture necesary to make money. From my perspective Mexico is a very closed and reserved society who don’t look beyond it’s borders, except of course the US.

For the average mexican a business that make sense is sell to wealthy mexicans and to poor mexicans with dollars in the US.

The interesting part is that they believe their products don’t have the appeal for a world wide market. Mexico penetration in european countries as well as asian is almost NULL.

There are very few investment projects outside of the nearby countries, so setting an office in Eastern Europe, or South east asia seems almost unberrable.

Interesting enough just a few miles from the border San Diego is a mayor city to do exactly that, build mayor force with east asia including ports like Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and just get a massive shipment of technology that spread all over the country and radical enough… Mexico.

So will XpoLinux solve this, probably not, but it seems XpoLinux carry a new busines model inherited from the FLOSS mentality which is exactly a world wide mentality. The business objectives raise and the networking explodes hopefully beyond their national borders.

We live in a restrictive society where contries like Brazil, Argentina and Chile are actively looking to build bridges to other regions at the same time mexico is growing inwards and voluntary closing its doors. XpoLinux might generate high level of networking in the country, but will it actually make them look abroad the spanish speaking areas???

….Stay tuned….