In search of the Signature

So I remember I have some issues with all this noise and buzz about the Digital Signature. With a recent government sponsor online radio talk show, talking about the FEA (firma electronica avanzada : advanced digital signature), under the direction of PKI. I would like to know what is the relationship with the efforts of current implementation of digital signature (also why it doesn’t work).

After searching for a bit I found that is working very closely with Aleksey on the integration of XMLsec to the signature engine . Finally xmlsec and mscrypto will be integrated into one for the native xmlsec library:

March 30 2005

The new XML Security Library 1.2.8 release merges changes to xmlsec-mscrypto and xmlsec-nss into main xmlsec source tree.

I found a good ammount of insight on what is going on with the future of Digital signature in development and how a recent patch also caused some interesting discussion and caused a re-planning of the xml template, source.