I found this new hobby, hack the sh@#! out of my cellie. I found some interesting sites that deal with my mobile and I have found cool stuff to download.

First thing I’ve seen is that my cellphone was just about the first ones of this data revolution integrating Bluetooth, Infrared, GSM and GPRS wap enabled, and data transmition device.

obviosly if I want to hack I wanna do it on a Linux machine and I found some niffty tools that are great. I have so far been able to retrieve information in and out of my cellphone, this is rather cool, but nothing compared to the other extension.

Imagine cellphone, infrared connection and software on the lap. You transform your cellie as a remote controller. 😮

And the best remote use that I have found is switching the tunes of my xmms. This makes my xmms basically a jukebox. Pretty nice huh?

Some of the stuff here:
My Firefox Theme