Memories coming back from PN

Just got back from PN, and the whole trip was sleep, snore and slob 🙂

As soon as I got into Bucharest I went straight to the office and now I am at work. For that I had to wake at 5am and catch the 5.45am train.

Looking back on the weekend was a very stormy weekend, from a emotionally unstable girlfriend going through a lot of trial and tribulations to me bugging out because of a certain level of insecurity and missunderstanding of my girlfriend.

On the other side it was beautyful, the walk in the river, the kisses, the love and empathy is amaizing. Sometimes I wonder how my life would REALLY be with her. She tries to talk to me through songs, and the worst part is that I get it, just don’t know how to react to that.

Talking about songs, I just found this long favorite song called “Travellin’ Man” which kind of stroke me as it provides the answer of my whole deal of love with people I wont really be with.

I am here because of the memories and experience.

and the song hit it straigh to the point, where it says:

Memories don’t live like people do,
They always remember you,
Whether things are good or bad,
it’s just the memories

With the internet, pictures saved on distributed servers and movies on digital form it just she is going to always be there for me whenever I want it or just become a bit painful. With her ID and email I will even talk to her on daily, weekly, monthly basis. Now is just not memories but a whole digital life, will it live like we do? Then Mos Def goes from agreen with me to providing an answer to what I am doing here:

Memories don’t live like people do-o
Baby don�t forget me, I’m a travellin’ man
Movin through places, space and time
Gotta lotta things I got to do
God willin’ I’m comin back to you
My baby boo

I just wonder if that is the reaction I was looking for, and if it is, will I come back to her whenever is Romania or anywhere else. With her being on my mind, and heart and most important Hard disk/Buddy list. Will I go back to her, will she want me back, or will she take me back?

Regardless of what will happen, I am sure that what already happened and the memories will live on and so far it has been a dream. Romantic, dramatic, problemess, open spirit and just a dream that I will always come back to it.